Bobby Goldsboro - Butterfly For Bucky Guitar Chords

Bobby Goldsboro

adult standards, brill building pop, bubblegum pop, christmas

Chords: G, D, C
Bobby Goldsboro 1976
from the album "Butterfly for Bucky"


G                            D
Buck was born on a beautiful morning
       C            G
And I felt very proud
Lets just say its not every day
              C             G
That you see me cry out loud
Hair like Sunshine, A smile as Warm
            C                     G
And the prettiest eyes you'll find
One day last spring my lady and I
          C                    G
Found out those eyes were blind

    G                         D
   Save a Butterfly for me daddy
            C           D       G
   They sound so pretty to me
   Tell me about the butterfly
           G       C        D    G
    And all the things you see

G                                      D
Well over there Buck lies a beautiful meadow
               C              G
With the colors of gold and tan
With the smell of hay and the sound of crickets
                  C           G
Here Buck, Take my hand
And I wish you could see that big oak tree
             C                     G
With its limbs reaching up to the sky
And a bed of flowers growing at its feet
          C             G
And a Big Yellow Butterfly

G                          D
Save a butterfly for me Daddy
C                D         G
Before they disappear
Save a butterfly for me Daddy
                G       C D   G
and on his cheek was a tiny tear
G                                       D
So we packed up our bags our hopes and our dreams
             C                 G
And we all went to town that day
I sneaked off to the hospital chapel
         C                        G
I got down on my knees and I prayed

G                              D
Save a butterfly for my boy Lord
C                D        G
I sure need nothing for me
G                                D
Except an angel of joy to touch him
        G          C       D       G
The way that he's touched me

G                                   D
Now there are things in this universe
        C                     G
That we just don't understand
G                                      D
And through an open window came a butterfly
     C                   G
to land on Bucks small hand
The doctors face was strangely white
      C                G
As if it just couldn't be
But the light was in my boys face
                      C        G
Daddy he said, I can see

G                          D
Save a Butterfly for us Bucky
          C      D         G
We're all so blind it seems
For we've not seen the magic
     G            C       D     G
In the power of a little boys dreams

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