Bobby Bare - The Stranger Guitar Chords

Bobby Bare

country, country gospel, country rock, cowboy western

Chords: C, F, D, G, A7, D7, Am
         C                               F              C
From the west there came a stranger I'll tell his story now
        C                                    D                G
And the reason they called him stranger is because he loved a cow
     C                                    F               C
Yeah you might think that lovin' a cow is somethin' sorta strange
    F                    C    A7    D7         G      C
But oh my friend did you ever spend six months on the range

                  G                       C
Well the days get long and the nights get cold
                  G                         C
And a feller gets lonely and a feller grows old
                       F                                                          C                   Am
And a feller starts to wonderin' if he'll ever find a pretty little golden-haired bluey-eyed girl somehow
                  D  G            C
And a feller goes out and fucks a cow

               G                C
A-lee-da-lo-da-lay-hee, yuh-hoo-hoo
               G                C
A-lee-da-lo-da-lay-hee, yuh-hoo-hoo (get along little doggie)
            F                       C       Am
A-yee-ho-da-lay-hee, woo-hoo-doo-de-ho, lay-hoo
G                               C
It's your misfortune not my own
   G                                               C 
Ah come here you little old brown-eyed darlin' you, I love you
             G                         C 
Yo-da-lee-da-lay-hee, yuh-hoo-hoo-hoo, woo-woo-woo, wow wow

F                                               C
I don't ever fool around with no ham and cheese 

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