Bobby Bare - Passin Through Guitar Chords

Bobby Bare

country, country gospel, country rock, cowboy western

Chords: C, Bb, C7, F
Passin' Through

C                  Bb                  C
The first sound I heard was a woman's cry
                 Bb               C       C7
The first word I learned to utter was goodbye
   F                                C
Forgive me if I'm wrong in what I do to you
              Bb                C 
While passin' through, passin' through.

Happiness for me cannot be found
But yet I still search from town to town
No offence but I don't think I'll find it here with you
Goodbye babe, just passin' through.

Passin' through your life like a ragin' river
C7       F                             C
No woman needs or can hold the love I give her
       F                                  C
Please understand I can't control these things I do
              Bb                C
While passin' through, passin' through.

What was that did you say you thought you loved me
That's too bad girl 'cause if you really do
You'll just awaken with the dawn and find your love has flown
Like an old wild goose passin' through.

Chorus +:
Like a cold north wind just a passin' through
Goodbye babe, passin' through.

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