Bobby Bare - Id Fight The World Guitar Chords

Bobby Bare

country, country gospel, country rock, cowboy western

Chords: A, D, D7, G, A7
I'd Fight the World

A                         D
I don't care what anybody thinks of me
       A                              D
For my pride is gone and here I am on bended knee
              D7             G 
I only know I need you and I love you so
        A                               D          D7
And I'd fight the world before I'd ever let go go.

    G             A          D
I'd gladly beg or steal, I'd borrow
    A7                         D    D7
I'd turn my back on everyone I know
    G                    A            D
I'd do these things with no fear of tomorrow
    G                 A            D
I'd fight the world before I'd let go.

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