Bobby Bare - I Took A Memory To Lunch Guitar Chords

Bobby Bare

country, country gospel, country rock, cowboy western

Chords: Bb, D#, F, B, E, F#, C, G
Bb                         D#
Today the weather was so pretty
    F                      Bb
At noon I went out for a stroll
I walked and did some window shopping
     F                     Bb
And met someone I used to know

Bb                               D# 
The years have been kind to her beauty 
     F                          Bb
When I first saw her my heart jumped
Tonight if I seem disenchanted 
      F                          Bb
It's because I took a memory to lunch

B                                E
We sat and talked about the old days 
       F#                    B
With misty teardrops in our eyes
And reafirmed an old suspection 
     F#                       B
The past grows old but never dies
B                                  E
The charm that draws two hearts together 
    F#                        B 
By four o'clock was just too much
The days and years we had between us 
      F#                      B
Were down to just two coffee cups

C                             F
You can't relieve life in an hour 
      G                    C
The afternoon kept wearing on
I'm sorry that I'm late for dinner 
   G                 C 
I took a memory to lunch

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