Bobby Bare - Coal River Guitar Chords

Bobby Bare

country, country gospel, country rock, cowboy western

Chords: F, Am, D#, C7, Gm
Coal River
F          Am          D# 
Many’s the times I’ve walked its banks
     C7                F
With tearful pride and humble thanks
                 Am       D#
It’s baptized my soul and made me whole
C7                  F
Freed my hands from dirty coal

Many small houses sit on its backs
Catalogues odf dreams and praire sof thanks
Washed my body and cleaneed my mind
It’s been cruel and it’s been kind

Gm   C7     F
Coal River, Coal River
Gm   C7              F
Coal River I’ve come home

I see my daddy all tired and worn
A gentleman, yet full of scorn
We sit on the front porch and watch it (?)
Dream of knowledge and talk of pain

But that old city got to big for me
Just like the river our love runs free
So here I am and here I’ll stay
I’ll just live my life from day to day on
Coal River, Coal River

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