Bobby Bare - Calgary Snow Guitar Chords

Bobby Bare

country, country gospel, country rock, cowboy western

Chords: G, D, C, Em, Gm, Cm
Calgary Snow. For Pop.
This is my first attempt to submit chords. I need this song, so if anyone can help
improve it for me please, please, add suggestions in the comments box.
Thank you. What an amazing country and western song. RIP Pop, I'm gonna do my best to keep this one alive.

G                           D                                            G
Last Friday she said to me, hey Billy Joe, did you know either me or the rodeo goes?
                   D           C                         D                            G
so I packed up and left her in Waco and drove up to ride on the bulls in the Calgary snow
     C                                                  D
saw a sign that said riders and hauled all my rigging inside
          G                        C                      D
where the fellas was braggin', and drawing stock we would ride
      C                                                 D
I was doin' the same till I looked at the name that I'd drawn
then I stood there and silently cried
C      D       G
oh you Calgary snow
C               D     G
I can't let the rodeo go
        C            D          G            Em
hurtin' more than my pride on a bull I can't ride
        C     D              G
lays me low, in the Calgary snow

G                               D
well, I knew I was beat in the hat when I drew it
and it started me drinkin', to think of the brute
                                 C                D                                         G
till I managed to wreck my left knee and my ankle between the damn bull and the side of the chute

             C                                                D
and I'm thinkin' out loud as I fly through the clouds to the ground
      Em                            C              D
hey Billy, maybe you aint' the most dynamite rider around
             C                       D                              G                       Em
cause you're kickin' too late comin' out of the gate boy but you're great comin' gracefully down

           Gm                                   Cm
well, I know that I'm blown in the chute on the first go round
         D                                        G
so I give 'em my ole "what the hell" grin as I get up off the ground
        Gm                                   Cm
and right then I'm thinkin' I ain't taken to Calgary much
D                                                G
ain't nothin' back in my room but a broom I can use for a crutch

         C                D                   G
And it's cold, lord, it's cold in the Calgary wind
         C                      D                     G
when you knowin' that you gotta ride the day morning again
               C      D         G          Em
ain't no whiskey nor either nor platens nor pills
      C                   D
gonna deaden the pain and chills
of the Calgary wind
        C                                      D
but what more is a broken down rodeo cowboy to do?
       G               C                         D
but stove up in Canada watchin' his bruises turn blue
        C                                         D
there's only one road gonna lead back to Waco and you
and it runs out of chute number two

C      D       G
oh you Calgary snow
C                D     G
I can't let that rodeo go
       C            D           G            Em
hurtin' more than my pride on a bull I can't ride
         C          D       G
lays me low in the Calgary snow

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