Bobby Bare - All The Good Times Are Past And Gone Guitar Chords

Bobby Bare

country, country gospel, country rock, cowboy western

Chords: C, G, D
C                     G        C
All the good time are past and gone,
C                      C
All the good times are o'er
C            C         G        C
All the good times are past and gone,
C                        D       G
Little darling don't you weep no more.

I wish to the Lord I'd never been born,
Or died when I was young.
I'd never have seen your sparklin' blue eyes,
Or heard your lying tongue.

Now don't you hear that lonesome dove?
That flies from pine to pine.
He's mourning for his own true love,
Just like I mourn for mine.

Come back, come back my own true love,
Come stay awhile with me.
For if ever I've had a friend in this world,
You've been a friend to me.

Don't you see that passenger train?
Going around the bend?
It's taking away my own true love,
To never return again.

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