Bobby Bare - All American Boy Guitar Chords

Bobby Bare

country, country gospel, country rock, cowboy western

Chords: C, F, G7
C                          F
Gather round cats and I'll tell you a story

     G7                            C
Bout how to become an all American boy

Buy you a guitar and put it in tune

G7                                C
You'll be a rocking and a rolling soon

F                                G7                 C
Impressing the girls picking hot licks and all that jazz

Ah I bought me a guitar a year ago

        G7                      C
Learned how to play in a day or so

And all around town it was well understood

     G7                                   C
That I was knocking 'em out like Johnny B Goode

F                  G7             C
Hot licks  showing off  ah number one

Yeah I practiced all day and up into the night

G7                         C
My papa's hair was turning white

Cause he didn't like rock'n roll

G7                                  C
He said you can stay boy but that's gotta go

F                 G7                    C
He's a square  he just didn't dig me at all

So I took my guitar picks and all

    G7                      C
Bid farewell to my poor ol' pa

Split for Memphis where they say y'all

     G7                         C
Them swinging cats are having a ball

F             G7                      C
Sessions  hot licks and all  they dig me

I was rocking and a bopping and I was getting the breaks

    G7                                 C
The girls all said that I have what it takes

When up stepped a man with big cigar

   G7                                      C
He said come here cat I'm gonna make you a star

F                          G7                  C
I'll put you on bandstand  buy you a Cadillac  sign here kid

I signed my name and became a star

G7                       C
Having a ball with my guitar

Driving a big long Cadillac 

    G7                           C
And fighting the girls off of my back

F                         G7              C
They just kept a coming   screaming  yeah they liked it

So I picked my guitar with a great big grin

    G7                     C
And the money just kept on pouring in

But then one day my Uncle Sam he said (knock knock) here I am

F                             C
Uncle Sam needs you boy I'm a gonna cut your hair off

Ah take this rifle kid give me that guitar yeah

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