Bob Dylan - The Mighty Quinn Guitar Chords

Bob Dylan

album rock, classic rock, folk, folk rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: A, D, E
This is the version from the Bob Dylan Album "Self Portrait" which has many subtle
lyrical differences from the version on "Biograph"

Bob Dylan / Manfred Mann / The Grateful Dead / The Hollies
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)
(Bob Dylan)

(VERSE 1):

A          D               A             D        
Well, Everybody's building big ships and boats
A               D             A                       D
Some are making monuments and others are jotting down notes
A           D           A              D
Everybody's in dispair, every girl and boy
         A                  E
But when Quinn, The Eskimo, gets here
     D                     A
Everybody's gonna jump for joy


Come all without, 
E            A
Come all within,
       A       E                D      A
You'll not see nothing like The Mighty Quinn

(VERSE 2):

                 A                 D
Whoa! You know I like to do just a-like the rest
            A             D
You know, I like my sugar sweet
A                       D
But, jumpin' queues and makin' haste
              A               D
You know that ain't my cup of meat
A           D                 A                 D
Everybody's out there feeding pidgeons out on a limb
         A                  E
But when Quinn, The Eskimo, gets here,
     D                     A
Them pidgeons gonna run to him



[Well, that guitar now!]


(VERSE 3):

A                 D
A cow's moo and a cat's meow
             A                 D
You know, I- I can recite them all
A                D                        A               A
Tell me where it hurts you honey and I'll tell you who to call
A          D
Nobody can get any sleep 
                  A                     D
You know, there's someone on everyone's toes
A              E                  D                  A
Quinn, The Eskimo, gets here everybody's gonna wanna doze


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