Bob Dylan - Shes No Good Guitar Chords

Bob Dylan

album rock, classic rock, folk, folk rock

Chords: C, F, G, B, Bb, A7, D7, E, F#, B7, D
/B /Bb and /f#/f refer to bass notes only.

Intro: C, F, C, G
       C                F               C /B /Bb A7
Well I don't know why I love you like I do
   D7                     G              C
Nobody in the world could get along with you
                            F                    C /B /Bb A7
You got the ways of a devil sleeping in a lion's den
       D7                  G                     C
I come home last night you wouldn't even let me in
   E                             F
Oh sometimes you are sweet as anybody'd want to be
D7                          G
Then you get a crazy notion jumpin all over me
         C                   F                 C /B /Bb A7
When you give me the blues I guess you're satisfied
         D7                  G                    C  
When you give me the blues I want to lay down and die

Harmonica solo (harp key C)

G, C, G /F#/F, E
A7, D7, G, G
B7, B7, C, C
A7, A7, D(n.C)
G, C, G /F#/F, E
A7, D7, G, G

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