Bob Dylan - Melancholy Mood Guitar Chords

Bob Dylan

album rock, classic rock, folk, folk rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Dm, Bb, Gm, A, Fm, Cm, Ab, G, Eb, Db, Bbm

Dm   Bb   Dm       Gm   A   Dm
Dm   Bb   A        Dm   Bb   A
Dm      Gm          Dm  Gm   A

Dm   Bb   A         Dm   Bb  Dm
Gm       Dm          Bb   A    Dm
Fm     Cm            Ab    Fm   Cm


     Cm           Ab        G
Melancholy mood forever haunts me
     Cm                     Ab     G
Steals upon me in the night, forever taunts me
    Cm                        Ab            G
Oh, what a lonely soul am I, stranded high and dry
   Cm              Ab G
By a melancholy mood


    Cm               Ab   G
Gone is every joy and inspiration
    Cm                       Ab     G
Tears are all I have to show, no consolation 
            Cm                     Ab           G
All I can see is grief and gloom, till the crack of doom
    Cm         Ab     G
Oh, melancholy mood


  Fm                        Bb
Deep in the night I search for a trace
Of a lingering kiss, a warm embrace
But love is a whimsy, as flimsy as lace
          Cm           Ab      G    
And my arms embrace an empty space


       Cm                 Ab      G
Melancholy mood, why must you blind me
    Cm          Ab      G                   Cm       Ab   G
Pity me and break the chains, the chains that bind me
    Cm        Ab       G          Cm     Ab      G 
Won't you release me, set me free, bring him to me
    Cm           Ab   G
Ah my melancholy mood


Fm     Db Cm
Fm     Db Cm
Fm     Bbm  Cm

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