Bob Dylan - Long And Wasted Years Guitar Chords

Bob Dylan

album rock, classic rock, folk, folk rock

Chords: A9, A, Asus2, E, E11, E7
Song:   Long And Wasted Years
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album:  Tempest (2012)
Tempo:  Adagio. Slow waltz-style.
Time:   3/4
Tabbed: rikigo
Tuning: Standard

Capo 3

A9sus4addb5     === X00440 = A9*
Aadd4           === X00220
A               === X02220
Asus2           === X02200
E               === 022100
E11             === 000100
E7              === 020100

At the beginning of a four bar phrase the first two chords struck downwards are 
then arpeggiated on the upstroke. Then two slowly paced but sharp downstrokes on 
each chord, thereafter. When the E combination chords are played it's brisk up-
down-up movement.  Then a return to the two slowly paced but sharp downstrokes on 
each following chord.  Palm muted when changing chords. Rest denoted by the 
drumbeat, at the end of every four bars. 

| A9*       Aadd4 | A-Asus2  E |
| E-E11-E E7-E-E7 | Asus2-A  E |

Verse 1:
A9*                        Aadd4                    A-Asus2                   E 
It's been such a long long time since we loved each other but our hearts were true.
E-E11-E       E7-E-E7             Asus2-A      E   NC
One time, for one brief day, I was the man for you. 
A9*                        Aadd4                    A-Asus2               E 
Last night, I heard you talkin' in your sleep saying things you shouldn't say, 
E-E11-E       E7-E-E7           Asus2-A      E   NC
Oh baby, you just might have to go to jail someday.

Verse 2:
A9*              Aadd4               A-Asus2        E
Is there a place we can go, is there anybody we can see?
E-E11-E     E7-E-E7          Asus2-A      E   NC 
Maybe, it's the same for you as it is for me.
A9*              Aadd4           A-Asus2             E      E-E11-E 
I ain't seen my family in twenty years.  That ain't easy to understand.
E-E11-E                  E7-E-E7         Asus2-A                   E    NC  
They may be dead by now? I lost track of 'em after they lost their land.

Verse 3:
A9*               Aadd4             A-Asus2               E
Shake it up baby, twist and shout, you know what it's all about.
What are you doin' out there in the sun anyway?  
E7-E-E7                     Asus2-A                E   NC
Don't you know, the sun can burn your brains right out.
A9*               Aadd4          A-Asus2             E 
My enemy crashed into the dust.  Stopped dead in his tracks. 
E-E11-E                      E7-E-E7     
And he lost his lust, he was run down hard.
Asus2-A                               E                    NC 
And he broke apart, he died in shame, he had an iron heart.

Verse 4:
A9*    Aadd4           A-Asus2  E
I wear dark glasses to cover my eyes.  
E-E11-E   E7-E-E7        Asus2-A         E    NC 
There are secrets in 'em that i can't disguise.
E-E11-E        E7-E-E7        Asus2-A          E    NC 
Come back baby if I hurt your feelings, I apologise. 
A9*                Aadd4                     A-Asus2               E 
Two trains running side by side, forty miles wide down the eastern line.
E-E11-E                E7-E-E7           Asus2-A                    E    NC 
You don't have to go, I just came to you because you're a friend of mine.

Verse 5:
A9*               Aadd4               A-Asus2                   E 
I think that when my back was turned, the whole world behind me burned.
E-E11-E            E7-E-E7              Asus2-A         E    NC 
It's been a while, since we walked down that long, long aisle.
A9*                Aadd4            A-Asus2                         E 
We cried on a cold and frosty morn, we cried because our souls were torn.
E-E11-E            E7-E-E7           Asus2-A         E    NC   
So much for tears, so much for these long and wasted years.

| Asus2-E |


1.  This track amongst others, bears the hallmarks of Dave Hildago's mature Tex-
Mex sensibilities.
2.  There are other ways of simplifying this arrangement, just by shifting a note 
or two.  It's interesting how a range of tonal possibilities manifest from a small 
change of chord structures.

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