Bob Dylan - Katies Been Gone Guitar Chords

Bob Dylan

album rock, classic rock, folk, folk rock

Chords: A, G#m, F#m, B7, E, Bm, C#m, D, E7, C, F, Dm, G, Bb, B
 A                     G#m
Katie's been gone since the spring time
F#m                  B7 
She wrote one time'n sent her love
A                     G#m  
Katie's been gone for such a long time now.
F#m                              B7 
I wonder what kind of love she's thinkin' of.

Dear Katie,
If you can hear me,
A                E 
I can't wait to have ya near me.

Oh, Katie, since ya 
caught that bus,
A                       Bm         C#m 
Well, I just don't know how things are with us.
D                  E7 
I'm still here and you're out there.

A                     G#m
Katie laughed when I said I was lonely.
F#m                  B7 
She said, There's no need t'feel that way.
A                     G#m  
Katie said that I was her only one,
F#m                              B7 
But then I wonder why she didn't wanna stay.

Dear Katie, 
if I'm the only one,
A                    E
How much longer will you be gone?
A           Bm                C#m
Oh, Katie, won't ya tell me straight:
f#m                  B7
How much longer do I have to wait?

I'll believe you,
But please come through.

C           F           Dm         G
I know it's wrong to be apart this long
F           Bb      D    E
You should be here, near me.    

A                     G#m               F#m                 B
Katie's been gone and now her face is slowly fading from my mind.
A             G#m                     F#m               B
She's gone to find some newer places, Left the old life far behind.

A                   E
Dear Katie, dont ya miss your home?
A                  E
I dont see why you had to roam.

A                        Bm    C#m
Dear Katie, since you've been away
F#m                  B7
I lose a little something every day
D                     E
I need you here, but you're still out there.
A                   E
Dear Katie, please drop me a line,
     F#m             B7
just write, Love, to tell me you're fine.
A                     E
Oh, Katie, if you can hear me,
F#m                          B7
I just cant wait to have you near me.
I can only think where are you,
E                       F  Dm        A
What ya do, may be there's someone new.

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