Bob Dylan - Cant Leave Her Behind Guitar Chords

Bob Dylan

album rock, classic rock, folk, folk rock

Chords: Bb, F, C, Dm, G, C7, Bbmaj7, Am, Gm
Cant Leave Her Behind

          Bb                F
Where she leads me I do not know
Bb                          F
Well she leads me where she goes
C Dm    G          C7
I can't find her nowhere
Well, she needs me here
     Bb                          F
All aware, I just can't hear her walk
Bb                     F
 I just can't hear her talk
C     Dm             G        C7
Though sometimes you know you will
And when she comes my way
Bb                             Bbmaj7
I'll just be left any night or day
Am     Gm       C
I will hear her say
       F           C      Dm         Bb
that I don't wanna try, I tried also cried
      F           C     Bb   Bb  Am   Gm  F
But I can't leave her behind

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