Bob Dylan - Billy 4 Guitar Chords

Bob Dylan

album rock, classic rock, folk, folk rock

Chords: A, Asus4, D, E
This is a great song from Bob Dylan's album Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid.


[Verse 1]
A                             Asus4    A
There's guns across the river about to pound you
A                                  Asus4  A
There's a lawman on your trail like to surround you
D                                 A           Asus4 A
   Bounty hunters are dancing all around you
E                                      A     Asus4 A
   Billy, they don't like you to be so free.

[Verse 2]
A                        Asus4  A
Camping out all night on the veranda
A                                 Asus4  A
Walking in the streets down by the hacienda
D                                A       Asus4 A
  Up to Boot Hill they'd like to send ya
E                                     A    Asus4 A
  Billy, don't you turn your back on me.

[Verse 3]
A                                 Asus4 A
There's mills inside the minds of crazy faces
A                       Asus4    A
Bullet holes and rifles in their cases
D                                             A    Asus4 A
  There is always one more notch in four more aces
E                                     A    Asus4 A
  Billy, and you're playing all alone.

[Verse 4]
A                              Asus4 A
Playing around with some sweet signorita
A                    Asus4     A
Into her dark chamber she will greet ya
D                                       A        Asus4 A
  In the shadows of the maizes she will lead you
E                               A    Asus4 A
  Billy, and you're going all alone.

[Verse 5]
A                           Asus4    A       Asus4 A
They say that Pat Garrett's got your number
A                          Asus4     A       Asus4 A
So sleep with one eye open, when you wander
D                                  A
  Every little sound just might be thunder
E                              A    Asus4 A
Thunder from the barrel of his gun.

[Harmonica - Break]
A                               Asus4    A
A                               Asus4    A
D                                        A
E                                        A   Asus4 A

[Verse 6]
A                               Asus4    A
There's always another stranger sneaking glances
A                               Asus4    A
Some trigger-happy fool willing to take chances
D                                         A       Asus4 A
  Some old whore from San Pedro'll make advances
E                                A     Asus4 A
Advances on your spirit and your soul.

[Verse 7]
A                              Asus4  A
The businessmen from Taos want you to go down
A                                Asus4              A
So they've hired mister Garrett, he'll force you to slow down
D                                      A        Asus4 A
  Billy, don't let it make you feel so low down
E                                      A       Asus4 A
  To be hunted by the man who was your friend.

[Verse 8]
A                         Asus4  A
So hang on to your woman, if you got one
A                   Asus4    A
Remember in El Paso once you shot one
D                        A
  I'll be in Santa Fe-a about one
E                                   A   Asus4 A
Billy, you've been running for so long.

[Verse 9]
A                           Asus4   A
Gypsy queens will play your grand finale
A                      Asus4  A
Way down in some Tula - rosa  alley
D                      A
 Maybe in La Rio Pecas valley
E                              A    Asus4 A
Billy, you're so far away from home
E                              A    Asus4 A
Billy, you're so far away from home
E                              A    Asus4 A
Billy, you're so far away from home

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