Billy Joel - Why Judy Why Guitar Chords

Billy Joel

album rock, classic rock, folk rock, mellow gold

Chords: E, Abm/Eb, C#m, Abm, A, B, Cdim7, Eb, Ab, B7/F#, C#m/B, F#sus4, F#, Bm, Bm/A, Esus4, Am, Am/G, Dsus4, D, G, G/F#, B7/Eb
Why Judy Why
Billy Joel

Intro: E - capo on 2nd fret for correct pitch. Billy Joel sings in F#

    E          Abm/Eb        C#m
V1: Of all the people in the world
           Abm              A             Abm
    That I know, you're the best place to go
           A    B      E
    When I cry, when I cry 

    E          Abm/Eb           C#m
V2: I've never asked for much before
          Abm               A              Abm
    Not before, things are changed, I need more
            A   B    E
    Tell me why Judy why

Bridge: C#m Cdim7 B Eb Ab B7/F#

    E       Abm/Eb                 C#m
V3: I never thought that she would say,
            Abm          A
    Say goodbye, but she did 
    and now I, 
            A    B         E
    Want to die, I want to die 

        E       Abm/Eb               C#m
    V4: I never thought that I would need,
           Abm           A          Abm
    Need a friend, but I did in the end
            A   B    E
    Tell me why Judy why

        C#m  C#m/B       F#sus4-F#
Chorus: Ohh    what a scene, it's 
        Bm               Bm/A
        wrong for her to hang me    
        up this way.
        Am  Am/G       Dsus4-D
        Ohhh where you been
               G              G/F#
        'cause its so hard to make it
                    E   B7/Eb
        through the day

    E        Abm/Eb      C#m
V5: A man my age is very young
           Abm          A         Abm
    so I'm told, why do I feel so old?
            A   B    E
    tell me why Judy why


V6: Solo


    E            Abm/Eb          C#m
V7: There's no tomorrow cause my dreams
            Abm        A           Abm
    did not last, so I live in the past
            A   B    E
    tell me why Judy why
            A   B    E
    tell me why Judy why
            A   B    E
    tell me why Judy why

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