Billy Joel - Lullabye Goodnight My Angel Guitar Chords

Billy Joel

album rock, classic rock, folk rock, mellow gold

Song versions: 1 2 3 4
Chords: G, Cm6, C, Cm, D7sus, D7, E, Em, D/C, D/E, D/A, A, Am7, G/B, C6, Cmaj7, G/D, Dsus, G/F, C/E, G7, D, G/C, Asus, A7, C/D, D6, Gm, F, Bb, Eb, A6, B9, Am7/D, D9, Bm, A/C#, Fm, Adim
Lullabye(Goodnight, My Angel) by Billy Joel

G then Cm6/G, G again, and finally C(add2)
Repeat this twice

 G            Cm6/G            Cm/G         G
   Good-night, my  an-gel, time to close   your eyes,
D7sus        D7   D7/E  Em       D/C        C
   and save these ques-tions for an - oth - er  day.
 G       Cm6/G     G          Cm/6        G
   I think I know what you've been ask - ing me.
D7sus      D7  D7/E  Em       D/E   D/A     A
   I think you know what I've been trying   to say
Am7       G/B     C6        Cmaj7 G/D Dsus/C  D/C
   I prom-ised I would nev - er leave_____ you,
    G        G/F              C(add2)/E  C/E   G/D
   and you should al-ways  know___________
          G7/D              C    G/C Am7/C G/B          Asus  
   wher-ev-er you may  go, ___ no mat-ter where you are, __
                A    A7   C/D   D6        C/D
   __ I nev-er will  be   far   a - way.

   Good-night, my an-gel, now it's  time    to sleep,
   and still so man - y things  I  want      to say.
   Re-mem-ber all the songs you sang  for me
   when we went sail-ing on an em  -  rald bay.
   And like  a  boat out  on the o   -   cean,
   I'm rock-ing you to    sleep.___________
   The wa-ter's dark and  deep_ in-side this an-cient heart_
   _ you'll al-ways  be   a
   part   of  me.

Gm F  Bb  F   Gm   Cm6/Eb   D

Gm F  Bb Cm6  Gm/D Cm6/Eb   D  

G7  G(#5) G7b9  G(#5) G7   Cm(add9)  Cm

A7   A6 A7(B9)  A6  Am7/D   D  D9

    G        Cm6/G   G       Cm/G          G
   Good-night my an-gel, not it's  time    to dream,
D7sus        D7 D7/E Em  Bm        D/C    C
   and dream how won-der-ful your life   will be.
    G       Cm6/G       G        G7/F    C/E      G7/D      A/C#
   Some-day your child may  cry, and  if you sing this lull- a -bye,
   Cm6  G/B Cm/A  G/B             A7           D7sus D7   G
   then in  your heart there will al-ways be a part    of me.

G  Cm6/G  G  C(add2) 
G  Cm6/G  G  C(add2)

    G     Cm6/G       G         G7/F     C/E     G7/D   A/C#
   Some-day  we'll all  be gone but lull- a- byes go on and on.
   Cm6  G/B   Cm/A G/B              A7         D7sus D7     
   They nev  - er  die, that's how  you    and_ I      will 
   G    Cm/6  G  G7    Cm/G  Fm/G  Adim/G  D7sus/G  G


Sorry there's kind of alot

A          (x02220)             D          (xx0232)
Am7        (x02010)             D7         (xx0212)
Am7/C      (x32010)             D7/E       (000212)
Asus       (x02230)             D7sus      (xx0213)
A6         (x02222)             D7sus/G    (300213)
A7         (x02020)             Dsus/C     (xsx233)
A/C#       (x31112)             D/A        (x00232)
A7(b9)     (xx2323)             D/C        (x3x232)
Am7/D      (xx0010)             D/E        (xx2232)
Adim/G     (301212)             D6         (xx0303)
Bb         (xx3331)             D9         (x21222)            
Bm         (xx4432)             D7/E       (000212)
C          (x32010)             D7sus      (xx0213)
Cm         (xx3321)             Dsus/C     (x3x233)          
C/D        (xx0010)             Em         (022000)
C/E        (032010)             F          (x33211)
C6         (032210)             Fm/G       (333111)
Cm6/Eb     (xx1213)             G          (320003)
Cm6        (x20132)             Gm         (xx3111)
Cm6/G      (3x121x)             G7         (320001)
C(add2)    (x32020)             G7/D       (xx0001)
Cm/G       (3x5543)             G7/F       (xx3003)   
Cmaj7      (x32000)             G7/D       (xx0001)
Cm(add9)   (x31033)             G/C        (x3x003)  
C(add2)/E  (x32030)             G/B        (x20003)   
                                G/D        (xx0003)        
                                G/F        (xx3003)         
                                Gm/D       (xx0333)
                                G(#5)      (xx3221)
                                G7b9       (xx2131) 

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