Billy Joel - Leningrad Guitar Chords

Billy Joel

album rock, classic rock, folk rock, mellow gold

Song versions: 1 2 3 4
Chords: D, E, G, A/D, A, Em, B, A7, Bm, Em/D, G/D, D/C, G/B, D/A, E/F#, D/F#, Bm7, Dm, Am, C/G
            Billy Joel - Leningrad  CHORDS by Bofjas

     Key: D

     Works for piano/guitar, though guitarplayers 
     would heavily rely on a bass player.
     The Song is divided into two chord 
     progressions og "patterns" if you prefer that. 
     We will call them Pattern A & Pattern B.
     Lyrics below are marked with the pattern to follow.

     For those who doesn't know. "C/G" means you play
     a "C", but the bass goes on a "G". So if you wanna
     play this alone on one guitar, you will have to
     change the chord or your strumming so that the
     lowest of the strings in motion will represent
     the bass (i.t.c "G")

     For example:

     To play "C/G" you would play a normal open C, but
     but hit the low E string on the 3rd fret with you pinky.
     (Low E 3rd fret = G) 

     Hehe... okey... now then.. the chords!

Intro chords (Piano Only, but works for guitar too ) )

     D  A/D  D   D   A

     Em B/E  Em  Em  B

     G  G    D   D   G   G   A/D  A7  Bm  G  A   A7  D

     (It's a little hard to tell you where to change chords
      you'll have to figure out that yourself ) )
Definition to Pattern A:

D                 Em/D    G/D               A/D  
      Viktor was born in     the spring of ´44
D                Em/D  G/D            A/D
      And never saw        his father anymore
D/C               G/B       D/A             E/F#
      A child of sacrifice,     a child of war
D/F#           Bm7               G            A           D  
      Another son who never had     a father after Leningrad

Follows Pattern A:
     Went off to school and learned to serve the state
     Followed the rules and drank his vodka straight
     The only way to live was drown the hate
     A Russian life was very sad
     And such was life in Leningrad

Definition of Pattern B:

     I was born in ´49
        Dm/A              Am
     A cold war kid in McCarthy time
       C/G                 G
     Stop ´em at the 38th Parallel
     Blast those yellow reds to hell
     And cold war kids were hard to kill
     Dm/A                    Am
     Under their desk in an air raid drill
      C/G                   G
     Haven´t they heard we won the war
     What do they keep on fighting for?

Follows Pattern A:

     Viktor was sent to some Red Army town
     Served out his time, became a circus clown
     The greatest happiness he´d ever found
     Was making Russian children glad
     And children lived in Leningrad

Follows Pattern B:

     But children lived in Levittown
     And hid in the shelters underground
     Until the Soviets turned their ships around
     And tore the Cuban missiles down
     And in that bright October sun
     We knew our childhood days were done
     And I watched my friends go off to war
     What do they keep on fighting for?

Follows Pattern A:

     And so my child and I came to this place
     To meet him eye to eye and face to face
     He made my daughter laugh, then we embraced
     We never knew what friends we had
     Until we came to Leningrad


     D  A/D  D   D   A

     Em B/E  Em  Em  B

     G  G    D   D   G   G   A/D  A7  Bm  G  A   A7  D

     D  A/D  D   D   A

     Em B/E  Em  Em  B

     G  G    D   D   G   G   A/D  A7  Bm  G  A   A7 

End on:
     D    )

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