Billy Joel - Ive Loved These Days Guitar Chords

Billy Joel

album rock, classic rock, folk rock, mellow gold

Chords: C, D/C, G/B, Bb6, F, C/F, Bb/F, A/C#, Dm, D, G/D, D7, Gsus4, G, Dm/G
C                    D/C               G/B
Now we take our time     so nonchalant
                     Bb6               F
And spend our nights     so bon vivant
                  C/F    Bb/F         F
We dress our days     in silken robes
                C      A/C#      Dm
The money comes   the money goes
                 D   G/D D7        Gsus4 G Dm/G G C
We know it's all   a passing phase

                   D/C                G/B
We light our lamps     for atmosphere
                   Bb6                F
And hang our hopes     on chandeliers
                  C/F       Bb/F           F
We're going wrong     we're gaining weight
                    C     A/C#         Dm
We're sleeping long   and far too late
                 D   G/D    D7      Gsus4 G
And so it's time to change our ways
Dm/G     G     Dm/G  C
But I've loved these days

                  D/C                   G/B
Now as we indulge     in things refined
                   Bb6                   F
We hide our hearts     from harder times
                   C/F   Bb/F        F
A string of pearls     a foreign car
              C   A/C#   
Oh, we can only go so far
Dm      D G/D D7      Gsus4 G Dm/G G
on caviar and Cabernet

C                   D/C                  G/B
We drown our doubts     in dry champagne
                     Bb6                   F
And soothe our souls     with fine cocaine
                 C/F   Bb/F      F
I don't know why     I even care
          C        A/C#        Dm
We get so high and get nowhere
                 D       G/D D7 Gsus4 G
We'll have to change our jad-ed ways
Dm/G     G     Dm/G  C
But I've loved these days

[Instrumental] - Same as Verses 1, 3 & 5

                 D/C                G/B
So before we end     and then begin
                    Bb6                  F
We'll drink a toast     to how it's been
                 C/F   Bb/F          F
A few more hours    to be   complete
                  C    A/C#         Dm
A few more nights   on satin sheets
                 D      G/D D7  Gsus4 G
A few more times   that I   can say

I've loved these days

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