Billy Joel - Aint No Crime Guitar Chords

Billy Joel

album rock, classic rock, folk rock, mellow gold

Chords: C, C7, E, F, D7, C/G, Dm7/G, Dm/G, F/C, C/E, Bb, F/A, G7

C                 C7/E                 F  
You got to open your eyes in the morning,

D7                                       F
Nine o'clock comin' without any warnin'

                  C/G       Dm7/G      C  
And you gotta get ready to go.

C                    C7/E         F
You say you went out late last evenin'

D7                                   F
Did a lot of drinkin', come home stinkin',
                C/G                 Dm/G
And you went and fell asleep on the floor.

C                       C7/E                         F                  
And then your lady comes and finds you a sleepin'

D7                                                   F
Starts into weepin' 'bout the hours you been keepin'

                 C/G                                            C
And you better get your ass out the door.
F                              F/C
Ain't no crime,   
                     C                                  C/E                      C/G         C7/Bb
Yeah, it's good to get it on to get a load off your mind,

     F                            F/C
It ain't no crime
              C                            C/E          C/G        C7/Bb
Well, ev'rybody gets that way sometime.
   F                                  F/C
It ain't no crime.

C/G      F/A          C/G          G7          C/G               G7

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