Billy Bragg - Wishing The Days Away Guitar Chords

Billy Bragg

alternative country, alternative rock, anti-folk, folk

Chords: C, F, G, Am, Em, Dm
Note: Verse 3 appears on the alternate take on the bonus edition of Talking With the Taxman aAbout Poetry

' ' ' '|' ' ' '|' ' ' '|' ' ' '|' 
      C F   C   G   C   C       G 

Verse 1:
On monday I wished it was tuesday night
           F            G          C
So I could wish for the weekend to come
On tuesday I wished that the night would pass
           C        G      Am
So I could call you on the phone
      F               C
Now a man can spend a lot of time
          Am               C
Wondering what was on jack ruby's mind
    F             Em               Dm        G
And time is all I have without you here

Verse 2:
On wednesday when you hung up
          F       G       C
It was as much as I could do
To stop from wishing thursday
      C       G       Am
Would pass so quickly too
        F                C
They're out there making history
       C                 F
In the lenin shipyards today
    F                C             Am
And here I am in the hammersmith hotel
G                 C
Wishing the days away

Verse 3:
Wasn't it a shock to find                 
    F        G     C    
The king was human too?
Still I think he understands
     C       G           Am     
Much more of me than you do.
   F              C
It seems a proper shame to steal,
    C                   F
His clothes but not his crown,
F                C           Am
Here I am in the Hammersmith hotel,
G                      C
Singing the government down

Verse 4:
There's always room for one more soul
F           G     C
Down in the human zoo
I don't want you to come here though
  C            G       Am
I want to come home to you
F                   C
Somebody's knocking at the door
    C            F
Its later than I think
         F                    C        Am
And it's time to put on these stinking clothes
    G                 C
And get out there and stink

Verse 5:
On friday I wished there was something more
      F           G           C
To be seen in the letters you send
On saturday I wished it was sunday
             C       G    Am
Oh will this torment ever end
    F             C               F
Sometimes I get a notion to put a torch
To the tools of my trade
F                C             Am
Here I am in the hammersmith hotel
G                C
Wishing the days away

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