Billy Bragg - The Unwelcome Guest Guitar Chords

Billy Bragg

alternative country, alternative rock, anti-folk, folk

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: C, Am, F, D, G
Thanks to version 1. I agree with the chord pattern. I wrote it all out with the lyrics here.

C   Am    F    C

        C                Am        F           C
To the rich man's bright lodges I ride in this wind
        C            Am           D           G
On my good horse I  call you my shiny Black Bess
       C                Am      F                C
To the playhouse of fortune to take the bright silver
     C             Am          F       C 
And gold you have taken from somebody else

 C       Am             F           C
As we go riding in the damp foggy midnight
        C           Am            D           G
You snort, my good pony, and you give me your best
        C            Am        F                   C
For you know, and I know, good horse,'mongst the rich ones
        C       Am          F         C
How oftimes we go there an unwelcome guest

        C        Am           F           C
I've never took food from the widows and orphans
     C       Am           D          G
And never a hard working man I oppressed
        C          Am        F                C
So take your pace easy, for home soon like lightning
        C        Am        F           C
We soon will be riding, my shiny Black Bess

   C                Am        F           C
No fat rich man's pony can e'er overtake you
        C          Am              D           G
And there's not a rider from the east to the west
        C         Am              F           C
Could hold you a light in this dark mist and midnight
        C            Am                 F           C
When the potbellied thieves chase their unwelcome guest

        C            Am         F            C
I don't know, good horse,as we trot in this dark here
        C       Am          D           G
if robbing the rich is for worse or for best
        C         Am          F         C
They take it by stealing and lying and gambling
    C         Am          F           C
And I take it my way, my shiny Black Bess

        C      Am            F           C
I treat horses good and I'm friendly to strangers
        C         Am             D              G
I ride and your running makes my guns talk the best
        C           Am             F           C
And the rangers and deputies are hired by the rich man
        C        Am          F            C
To catch me and hang me, my shining Black Bess

        C                Am        F           C
Yes, they'll catch me napping one day and they'll kill me
        C        Am             D           G
And then I'll be gone but that won't be my end
        C           Am          F        C
For my guns and my saddle will always be filled
        C     Am            F           C
By unwelcome travelers and other brave men

        C            Am        F             C
And they'll take the money and spread it out equal
        C      Am            D         G
Just like the Bible and the prophets suggest
        C           Am        F               C
But the men that go riding to help these poor workers
        C          Am           F         C
The rich will cut down like an unwelcome guest

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