Billy Bragg - Take Down The Union Jack Guitar Chords

Billy Bragg

alternative country, alternative rock, anti-folk, folk

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: G, C, D, Am
yeah, so this is the first Billy Bragg Song i figured out on my own. its also the first
tab ive posted. hope you enjoy playing this song as much as i do.

if you wanna be in key with the cd, put a capo on the 4th or 5th fret. i usually just
play it open though. 

Take Down The Union Jack by Billy Bragg
tabbed by Jake Sibel

take down the union jack
C                      G
it clashes with the sunset 
D                    Am
and put it in the attic
        C              G
with the emperor's old clothes

(same chords)
when did it fall apart
sometime in the eighties
when the good and the great
gave way to the greedy and the mean

Britain isnt cool you know
D                   G   
its really not that great
its not a proper country
D                              G
it doesnt even have a patron's say
         C                         D          G     D    
its just an economical union thats past its sell by date

C                                G
gilbert and george are taking a piss on it
C                               G
gilbert and george ar taking a piss
C                                       D              G
what could be more british then heres a picture of my bum
C                               G     (D)
gilbert and george are taking a piss

thats pretty much it. all of it is right except for maybe the chords and lyrics for the
bridge, but they work well enough. questions, corrections or comments, email me at

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