Bill Bailey - Beautiful Ladies Guitar Chords

Chords: E, Fm7, A, B, D, F#m7, F#, F#m
Beautiful ladies

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E                     Fm7
Beautiful ladies in danger, danger all round the world, 

A                      B
I will protect them, because I am Chris de Burgh 
E          D         A         E      
Beautiful ladies in emergency situations 

E                      F#m7
Beautiful ladies are lovely, but sometimes they don't take care,
A                                     B 
They're too busy with their makeup, or combing their lovely hair 
E        D            A
To take basic safety precautions 

E                         F#
But I will protect them, I will save the pretty ones, 
With their smiles and their sparkling eyes 

E           D         A
But let the ugly ones die 
          E                                A
I have no place for them, in my new world order 

E                 D      A       E
I won't waste my seed on hideous trolls. 
F#m                     A
Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill the trolls, 
E                                B
Hunt them down there shall be no clemency 
F#m                     A
Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill the trolls, 
E              D         A                 E
Look under the bridges - that's where they hide 
(that's where they hide) 
    D             A    E
And beauty shall be my bride. 

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