Big Star - O Dana Guitar Chords

Big Star

alternative country, alternative pop, alternative rock, art rock

Chords: D, Em, G, A
O Dana

D                             Em       
I rather shoot a woman than a man
  G                     A
I worry whether this is my last life
D    G    D         A
 And girl if you're listening
    G      D       A
I'm sorry, I can't help it
  D        G     A
O Dana!  O Dana, c'mon!

      D                        Em       
I'm forever more fighting with Steven
   G              A
We do our goo-goo-koos
       D    G   D         A
But we know overboard and down 
    G      D   A
And strung out twice
  D        G     A
O Dana!  O Dana, c'mon!

   G                       A 
We seldom know what things are
      G                  A
Two illusions going very far
  D        G     A
O Dana!  O Dana, c'mon!

I got busted across the bridge
They rounded up every soul
Now never the East Side she says "don't give a girl a chance"
She's not afraid to take a chance
oh Dana, oh Dana, come on

She's got a magic wand
That says play with yourself before other ones
oh Dana, oh Dana, come on, come on

by: José Duarte

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