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Big Metra


Born Oscar Castro Flores on September 26, 1980 in Mexico of Puerto Rican ancestry is a hip hop performer, known for having one of the fastest voices in the world. In the mid- 80s he moved to Cali, from Mexico where his father gave him four albums: Public Enemy , Big Daddy Kane , Run–D.M.C. and Slick Rick , so his father inadvertently helps to bring him closer to hip hop. Begin to experiment and learn several songs combining hip hop and dancehall with gospel sounds and funk. Erratic Jay helps define a technique. When he returns to Mexico during the 90s , he is closer to rap, where he was part of the Latin Crazy Vatos (LCV) group.
Although Mexico was saturated by the national rock scene, this did not stop him, and a year later he recorded the track Lenguas Enredadas with Twista adding a more Mexican language to imprint a characteristic stamp and not adopt idioms of Puerto Rico or Panama . In 2005 , he recorded his first solo album, entitled A Otro Nivel con Mantequilla Records. with collaborations of several artists like Dj Morales among others. In 2007 , he presented his second album titled Internacional . In 2015 he reached world-wide success with a collaboration in the disc titled 80-15 of Amanda Miguel .
2017 a partnership with e.V.e. SOUNDS , a division of erraticVIBES ENT. and solid investment by Claro Musica. NEW ALBUM: La Consolidacion is out. Big Metra has obtain the Guinness Record as the fastest rapper.
Genres: argentine hip hop, mexican hip hop, trap mexicano

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