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Beth Rowley


The saying “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” is tailor-made for Beth Rowley.

Ten years ago the singer-songwriter’s debut Little Dreamer went top 10 and garnered a Brit nomination, a huge achievement by anyone’s standards but a tainted one for Rowley.

This bitter-sweet experience played a significant part in why it's taken a decade to deliver her second long player.

“I had some awesome experiences being on a major label” says Rowley, “I don’t want to say it was all bad, but it wasn't the right home for me.”

“Ten years is a long time,” she acknowledges, but the resultant album ‘Gota Fría’ is a total vindication, a rawer, heavier, gutsier and more truthful mirror of her sublime talent.

A Spanish weather term ‘Gota Fría’ struck Rowley as the perfect title. It describes “long periods of the clouds breaking off and remaining stationary for weeks and then sudden violent clashes of warm and cold currents.”

A heady fusion of rock, blues and Americana ‘Gota Fría’ is a startling rebirth, with a confidence that belies that ten-year absence. Working with co-writers Ron Sexsmith, Marcus Bonfanti and Ben Castle, Rowley has delivered an album that smolders, in both explosive and intimate forms.

"People always ask, ‘What are you doing next?’, and think you should always be creating,” she muses. “But creativity is a real up-and-down process, which isn’t celebrated and or encouraged enough. You need to take time to stop and make sure your purpose is still real.”

Guitar Chords:

Ill Walk Beside You Strike Theme
Nobodys Fault But Mine
Oh My Life
Sweet Hours
Youve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger