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Benjamin Folke Thomas


Ten years into his music career, two landmarks loomed large in the life of Benjamin Folke Thomas. He was about to hit 30 and he was about to get married. Ben took stock of the situation and did what he always did with his thoughts – he turned them into songs. The ten songs on Modern Man draw from folk, country and the blues to reveal the inner thoughts of a songwriter torn between supreme self-confidence and fear of the future. You might even call it a mid-life crisis, if it weren’t a little early for that.
Perhaps it’s those long winter nights in Sweden, to where Ben recently returned after almost a decade in London. “I’m but a worn-out troubadour,” he sings on One Day, a slow piano ballad that represents a musical departure for a musician whose finger-picking guitar style is his signature. “I go from bar to bar and I sing for room and board. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, I try to sing a sad song to shut the people up.”

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Genres: swedish americana

Guitar Chords:

Rhythm And Blues