Bellowhead - London Town Guitar Chords


british folk, traditional british folk

Chords: G, Em, Am, C, D
Basic busker version

Up to the Rigs/London town – bellowhead (trad)

Capo 1st fret ( record seems to be in Ab )

                 1234     1234  1234   12 34
Strum pattern    G///    Em///  Am///  C/ D/

   G             Em
Up London City I made my way
       Am             C          D
It was up Cheapside I chanced to stray
       G                  Em
When a fair pretty maid I there did meet
    Am               C      D
And greeted her with kisses sweet

               G               Em
cho: For I was up to the rigs, Down to the jigs
           Am               C      D
          Up to the rigs of London Town

She took me to some house of sin
And boldly then she entered in
Loudly for supper she did call
Thinking I would pay for it all.

The supper o'er, the table cleared
The waiter brought white wine and red
The waiter brought white wine and red
While the chambermaid prepared the bed

Between the hours of one and two
She asked me if to bed I'd go
Immediately I did consent
And along with this pretty girl I went.

Her cheeks was white and her lips was red
And I kissed her as she laid in bed
But soon as she was fast asleep
Out of the bed then I did creep.

I searched her pockets and there I found
A silver snuffbox and ten pound
A gold watch and a diamond ring
I took the lot and locked her in.

Now all young men listen to me
If you meet a pretty girl you use her free
You use her free but don't get pied 
 remember me when I was up Cheapside.

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