Beck - The Title Of This Song Guitar Chords


alternative rock, anti-folk, garage rock, indie rock

Chords: A, F, C, Bb, Am, D, E, G
[Verse 1]
You've taken the title of this song
From a life that's beyond
C                  Bb           A
Something that you could belong to
          F                 C
But is it wrong to sing along
     Bb         Am 
When all of the words
          D           F
They just get on your nerves
                                  D A
And the verse is ringing out like a curse

     C             F
 I'm tired of this old refrain
        Bb         Am 
 Is the chorus you sang
              D         F
 When you had no one to blame
                                 D  A
 But yourself for singing it all in vain

[Verse 2]
You've taken the title of this song
       F                     C
From a book that goes on and on
              Bb            A
Til you can't find the ending
         F                  C
Was it a funeral or a wedding
     Bb             Am
Or a seance for the bride
        D           F
Whose affection had died
                          D  A
Though some say love is suicide

    C                   F
 My heart it don't make any sense
     Bb           Am
 Was all that she said 
          D              F
 When her love was found dead
                          D   A
 But the story was all in her head

E D C ... G Bb A

[Verse 3]
You've taken the notes from your head
And played them out loud
       C           Bb            A
On the public announcement instead
      F                            C
Cause all your thoughts get distorted 
    Bb            Am
The feedback goes on
           D          F
And you've ruined the song
                    D       A
While everyone just plays along

      C                   F
 It's only the notes that you've played
      Bb              Am
 That drowned out the thoughts
        D             F
 From a song that was lost
                                      D A
 And the song you sang it didn't have a name

A Bb F
There was nothing, 
                     Bb     F
But the song we were singing
(Repeat 8x)

This tab is based off the Portland Cello Project version on YouTube. Hope you enjoy it. 

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