Beck - Spirit Moves Me Guitar Chords


alternative rock, anti-folk, garage rock, indie rock

Chords: F, G, C, A#, A, F#
Just the chords.  Not hard to figure out the picking but I think it's on a steel guitar 
some shit.

F            G        C
Walkin' back to the burnin' schoolhouse
F              G           C
And the kids drinkin' in the park
F              G         C
Late at night and the spirit moves me
       F        G          C
And I don't mind bein' afraid
A#                A
Old man with no clothes
G             F#
Leanin' on my fence
F             G         C
Tell me where the money goes
F              G         C
And the food don't taste the same
F             G            C
I'm gettin' fast at being the last
F              G             C
To know I don't need to waste no time
A#               A
You can call me once a week
G            F#
Tell me where I been
F            G      C
Phony lady layin' flat on the road
F                 G      C
And the helicopter goin' by
F                         G                  C
And I'm down to the sound Of the sky turned brown
F                         G    C
And I'm lovin' everything you say
A#                  A
I don't think it's funny
G                   F#
When you shave both of my arms
F                 G           C
Lately I been spittin' out things
F              G        C
That I didn't mean to say
F             G        C
But that's alright, now
                  F        G  C
You don't listen to me anyway.

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