Beck - Sorrow Guitar Chords


alternative rock, anti-folk, garage rock, indie rock

Chords: Bb, Ab, Eb, C#, Cm
Sorrow - Beck 
This song doesn't really have much guitar in it but I figured I'd try to figure out some progression to play 
that is close. The Bb during the verse is the best I can do... I kind of just jam on the Bb bass and try to 
follow the singing melody. If anyone can come up with anything better that would be awesome! I think the rest 
of the chords go well.

    Face me now, my lover 
Hang a light switch higher, flip the light 
Won't you burn some joy I threw 
Upon the street and drove right through 

    Ab             Eb             Bb
The crazies all in line to battle sorrow

Ab             Eb                  Bb 
Now the way to live, can't wake up sorrow 

C#          Cm            Bb
Who is that crying on the road now? 

C#          Cm                Bb
Who is that ghost singing our songs? 

  Weakest hand fell from my grip 
The shapeless ways your fist can move 
I feel like I could fill this room 
With broken records and dead balloons 

           Ab              Eb             Bb
And it's a happy birthday, say so long to sorrow

Ab                 Eb              Bb
Beggar shoes can't find the way to sorrow

C#          Cm             Bb 
Who is that burning on the sun?

C#      Cm                    Bb 
All the trash that filled our rooms 

   Fade as light from angled roofs 
The lunatics are aching too 
The cold dust smell, the dusk is dim 
Midnight lungs of promises 

         Ab      Eb                  Bb
The fire hydrant blasts the shell of sorrow 

Ab              Eb                  Bb
Rescue missions dig up the bones of sorrow 

C#          Cm            Bb
Who is that crying in the shadow? 

C#          Cm                Bb
Who is that ghost singing our songs?

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