Beck - Old Shanghai Guitar Chords


alternative rock, anti-folk, garage rock, indie rock

Chords: G, Gm, D, B, B7, Em, A, A7, Am/C, F#, Bm, E, E7, Am, Cm, Cm7, D7
G                                   Gm
When you're walking in Old Shanghai 
D                          B          B7
Lanterns under the night sky
Em                 Gm     
See the moon begin to rise 
D                    A                   A7
Just like it did back home
G                         Gm
Old men smoking in cafe
D      Am/C             B        B7
Junk boats floating in the bay
Em                         Gm 
Think of me while you're away
D                  A      A7
In Old Shanghai
With no ties 
With no plans
Bm                    E           E7
Your last dollar in your hands
Am                  Cm     Cm7 
Take a picture send it back
     G                               D       D7
To someone you used to know
G                          Gm
Things will always find their way 
D             Am/C      B       B7
From the backroad to the bay 
Em                                          Gm
There's more to do than there is to say 
    D           A     A7
In Old Shanghai

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