Beck - Modesto Guitar Chords


alternative rock, anti-folk, garage rock, indie rock

Chords: G, C, D, A, B
Normal tuning

Hit the bass-string first

Intro:  G

G                      C           G 
You came, you went, my mind it got a dent
I couldn't make my rent, cause all my cash was lent
     G                    C               G 
This town is filled, with thousand-dollar-bills
Lamenated songs, contaminaded lawns
        C                         G
Well we ate about fifteen times a day
C                              G
Staring through a bag of frito-lay
      C                          G 
And I play with the fire in the stove
        A                    C              G       
When my eyes peel out and my fingertips get cold
Well it's real and it's fake
And it's flaming like a steak
And she's putting out my face
With the rake
   A              C                 G            D
Oh honey you knew, that you were my one and only blur
G                       C              G
Unglued, depressed, the meatloaf in my chest
Personality test, I failed with the best
And I stopped and I stormed
      C                G 
And I past out in your dorm

Then you hustled me outside
I couldn't catch a ride
        C                        G
But the subwaytrains speak to me now
    C                                G  
I'm browsing through the supermarket town
        C                         G
And the girls don't talk when I'm around
        A                C                G       
And I'm feeling bad even though nothing's wrong

With solo:

G  -C-  G  - D -
G  -C-  G                    D     -  G
          Choking on a breathmint

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