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alternative rock, anti-folk, garage rock, indie rock

Chords: C, Am, F
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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 1995 20:59:31 -0400
From: (Jarrett Frankel)
Subject: heartland_feelings.crd

Song: "Heartland Feelings"
Artist:  Beck
From: Golden Feelings (Sonic Enemy)
Transcribed By: Jarrett Frankel (
with much help from John McCain.
Date: July 26, 1995

Here's a sprawling yet immensely jolly epic from the current "Slack
Laureate" of these United States: Beck. If you liked "Mexico", this one's
for you. You can hear this cut on his cassette-only release from a few
years back, Golden Feelings, released on the independent label Sonic Enemy.
This will have to do until the new DGC album hits the streets, huh? By the
way, I've placed the chords over the lyric that marks the progression.
However, the last time I uploaded a file to Nevada, things shifted out of
place. Beware and enjoy.

Spoken word intro:
What we're talking about here is kind of's a...Heartland Feeling.
Mellencamp, you know, kind of a Mellen-feeling.
Ok. What you gotta get together is a Heartland folk singer:
John Couger Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seeger
That type of feeling: a Mellen-feeling.
You know, a real powerful, approving music
Of a Heartland quality, just powerful straight-forward music.
And if you can't get just the right type of feeling
Find someone who will pass and change them.

Old Man Johnson got his head in his hand

Makin' his way across state in a fiddlin' band

With his hair all down in his eyes

And the microphone all covered with flies.

When he gets done playin' goes back to his room

Climbs into bed in his cowboy boots

And he picks up a magazine turns on the TV

Lights a cigar as he's fallin' asleep.

                  F        C        Am
Well he's only a person...who doesn't know shit.

              F              C      Am(let ring)
Yeah nothing happenin'...that's about it.


Well, little Rosanna came from Texarkana

Had fourteen dollars wrapped in a bandana.

Came into town not lookin' for much

Well she found a hound dog and she named him "Dutch."

She got a job at the arcade takin' quarters

But she was never too good at takin' orders

So one night she stopped givin' out change

She kicked the boss in the chin and unplugged the games.

         F              C       Am
She's only a person...who doesn't know shit.

F           C             Am(let ring)
Nothin' happenin'...That's about it.

Ooh, ooh.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sam got canned at the cannery

He punched out the clock that night.

His knuckle was bleeding as he walked home,

He was cold and he had a headache.

Well his wife was cookin' canned beans,

He took out all the money out of his jeans

And he set it on fire in the kitchen sink

As his wife handed him a drink.

        F                 C       Am
He was only a person...who didn't know shit.

  F          C           Am(let ring)
Nothin' happenin'...that's about it.

Uh, yeah, oh.  Wooh, ooh, ooh, ooh...

Smiley was lookin' for handouts

sleepin' in a abandoned lighthouse.

Down at the mini-mall shakin' his hat

Washin' windows with his bare hand.

He found a sports car with the keys

In the ignition it just seemed so easy.

He took a joyride drove into a hedge

Came out with the steering wheel wrapped around his head.

          F               C           Am
Well he's only a person...who doesn't know shit.

F               C        Am(let ring)
Nothin' happenin'...that's about it.

Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah.

Well Jane was born in a small town

Everybody just standing around.

They had bingo games and a raffle,

everybody chewin' tobacco.

Well she grew up kinda restless

All her boyfriends wanted to be dentists(dead-ass?).

And she got a job at the truck stop

And she got all fast and never did what she wanted

               F             C         Am
And she's only a person...who doesn't know shit.

    F              C        Am(let ring)
Nothing happenin'...that's about it.

Yeah, yeah, yo...

Oh yeah...oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh.

Woo, ooh, ooh....
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