Beck - Bottle Of Wine Guitar Chords


alternative rock, anti-folk, garage rock, indie rock

Chords: G, C, D, A
  G               C              
bottle of wine, bottle of wine,
  G                   D
where did you go and lose my mind 
   G                  A  
i spent my change, i fell out of line,
   D                       G                                  
 down in the bottom of a bottle of wine 

   G                    C
i mowed the carpet, i drank shampoo,
    G                     D
i smoked the wallpaper sniffed all the glue
     G                                C
I turned on the strobe lights, the vibrating bed
    D                      G
I drank the wine for to straighten my head

              G                     C
Well, I just might get the urge to roll out of bed
 D                        G
Dog is moaning and your girlfriend is dead
  G                          C
Dishes in the sink and your body starts to itch
 D                       G
Take out the trash, and fall in a ditch


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