Beck - Aint Your Time To Go Guitar Chords


alternative rock, anti-folk, garage rock, indie rock

Chords: G, D, C, A
G                              D             C                   G
Well, if it ain't your time to go then you'd better stay put for now 
A           C               G               D
Everybody's got to do their time until it's time 
          G                 D            C                        G
And if it ain't broken then break it and say you knew me way back when 
     A                    C                    G                    D
When fools were fools and all the rest were swine waiting to be defiled 
        G          D        C                      G
I could hang up my shingles out by the side of the road 
A               C                 G                 D
Try to bang the blame out of the cinders you left behind 
       G                D              C                 G
Like a driftwood in the night that was washed up by the light 
       A                     C          G              D
Of the moon that bleached my bones then sent me to the pile 
G               D                C                 G
Mustard in your smile, land that hand on the radio dial 
         A              C           G                 D
Then the breezes of the season have blown us back to hell 
       G      D                C                 G
It's a stolen telephone that I dialed, blind and alone 
A                C          G              D
Just to hear the voice of a bargain center soul 
        G              D             C                G
Now the deserts are in flame and the bandages are the same 
        A               C        G                   D
And the factory's casualties are looking for mangled jewels 
           G                  D            C                   G
Well if it ain't your time to go, then you better stay put for now 
       A           C                G             D             G
'Cause everybody's got to put their hand upon the hand of the clock 
         D               G                   D          G
Like the minds of misers grinding down their gears to a halt 

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