Bebo Norman - Where The Trees Stand Still Guitar Chords

Bebo Norman

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Chords: D, G/B, Bm, A, D/F#, G, Em, C#/A, C/A
You can do this in Standard tuning.
Bebo does it in DADGAD  Capo 3 or 4
Try starting with a regular finger picking pattern (think Dust in the Wind) and improvise from there.
I'm a complete DADGAD novice, but here are some chord shapes to get started.
D    0x4200
G/B  x24000
Bm   x24400
A    x02002
D/F# 404200 or 400200
G    520000
Em   220000

D           G/B
Everyone it seems 
D                   G/B 
is looking for the grass that's greener here
D                    G/B
And through my window pane 
D                 G/B
the scenery flies by and disappears
Bm               A
So tell me the secret
                  D/F#             G
that won't let the memories fade away
           Em                        A           
Until I am home again......Where the trees stand still

D     G/B

(Verse 2)

D           G/B
Yesterday it seems
D               G/B
I traveled in a younger man clothes
D              G/B
Living out this dream
D                     G/B
and wandering through fields of touch and go
Bm            A
Moving on forever
             D/F#           G
watching the distance fade away
               Em                          A               D      
But now I just want to land..... where the trees stand still

D   G/B  x2

     All this time 
     On the line
Bm              Bflat A
     Here then I    am     gone

(Verse 3)

D               G/B
Tonight I want a life
D                      G/B
where the faces are the same most everyday
D                  G/B
Tonight I want a wife 
D                  G/B
to sit with me and watch the children play
Bm                  A
All the world between us
             D/F#          G
watching the years fade away 
              Em                                                Em
And when the laughing done...we'll watch the trees stand still
            A                        Em
Everyday ..where the trees stand still
                                  A                    D
We will make a home.... where the trees stand still 

Hope this is Helpful  

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