Bebo Norman - Perhaps Shell Wait Guitar Chords

Bebo Norman

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Chords: G, D, Em, C
By Dan Degener...Here's one of my favorite Bebo Norman Songs..i think it's accurate but
welcome your response. He finger picks this whole song but it sounds ok strummed too..
i think he fingers a regular C and merges into C9 in the's a beautiful song
have fun!

Perhaps She'll Wait

(G) They say you cannot walk before you (D)Crawl
  I wonder (Em)why, I wonder (C9)why
(G)'Cuz everybody dreams before they (D)fall
A wonder (Em) world, then we (C9)lose it all

(Em) But I will (D)dream of to(G)morrow
Where the (C) past will not be in my way
(D)Passion lives another day
And (Em) I will (D)dream of to(G)morrow
Where per(C)haps she'll wait for (D)me

instrumental G D Em C

(G)And every single heart that I have (D)held
In my (Em) hands, my clumsy (C)hands,
(G)i fumbled then around until they (D)fell
It's much safer (Em)ground just keeping (C9)to myself

(Em)But I still (D)dream of to(G)morrow
Where the (C)past will not be in my way,
(D)Passion lives another day
And (Em)I still (D)dream of to(G)morrow,
Where per(C)haps she'll wait for (D)me
And per(C)haps she'll wait for (D)me

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