Bebo Norman - Never Saw You Coming Guitar Chords

Bebo Norman

ccm, christian alternative rock, christian music, christian rock

Chords: Em7, Em, Dsus2, Asus4, A, G6, Dsus4
Em7: x20030
Em: 022000
Dsus2: x00230
Asus4: x02230
A: x02220
G6: 320030

Capo on 1st fret
Intro: Dsus2    Em7     Asus4    Dsus4    Asus4

I am the lonely, the ones who slip away
I am the secret, the words we dare not say
         Asus4                 Dsus2   Asus4   
I am the promise, I'm about to break...again

(Same chord progression)
I am the leader, who cannot find the way
I am the preacher, who somehow lost the faith
I am the begger reaching out my hands...again

And I never saw you coming
I could never dream of running
Asus4                        Dsus2      Asus4
I have never known such love before, my God
   Dsus2                                  G6  
You come, come and breathe your breath in me
Steal away what's left of me
                          Dsus2     Asus4
Til you are mine and I am yours

Verse 2:
I am the lover with no one to hold
I am the seeker with an empty soul
I'm everyone who's ever lost hope


Em   G6    A    Em G6  A
Fall like stars on my shore
Em    G6  A   Em  G6  A
Still you are so much more


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