Bebo Norman - My Eyes Have Seen Holy Guitar Chords

Bebo Norman

ccm, christian alternative rock, christian music, christian rock

Chords: Em, C2, G, D
Chords: Can either be augmented (keep 5th and 6th string on 3rd fret entire
song) or played as major chords.  All C2's can also be played just as C's.
You can capo to make it easier to sing, but I think Bebo sings it in G,
as it is here.  This is a very simple tab, without any elaborations, which
for many is all they want (and all I can manage to figure out).  Enjoy!


INTRO: Em C2 G D (x2)

Em     C2      G    D(optional)
Am I unfit for You?
Em       C2      G                   D
Remember me, the one who turned from You?
Em        C2   G               D
I come in rags tattered by the fall
            Em       C2            D
And all the earth, a witness to my crime


G   D  C2        Em
Mercy, weep over me
         C2            G
Let Your tears wash me clean
G    D      C2            Em
Majesty, be merciful with me
       C2             D  G
For my eyes have seen Holy!

Em      C2        G     D(optional)
Hear my prayer at night
Em      C2      G       D
Let the morning find me alive
Em       C2        G               D
For I am tired and weakened by the Fall
            Em         C2            D
Let all the earth bear witness to my cry


G            C2                Em             D
Let the Amen sound from Heaven as You lift my soul!
Let the Amen sound from Heaven as You lift my soul!
Let the Angels sound from Heaven, Holy is the Lord!

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