Beach House - Saltwater Guitar Chords

Beach House

art pop, chamber pop, chillwave, dream pop

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: G, E, Dm, C, Am, F#, A, D, B#, Bm
Standard Tuning Capo on 3rd fret

G                 E         Dm               C
Love you all the time, even tough youre not mine
G                  E            Dm      C
Love you all the time, dream im in the saltwater
G                 E            Dm         C
Timings gone all bad, Broken faith and a broken way

Am           Dm            G F#(powerchords)E ..listen for timing
You couldnt lose me if you tried
      A                     D B#  Bm Am
Caus i'l be rolling to your side,  Baby

repeat for next verse and chorus

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