Beach House - On The Sea Guitar Chords

Beach House

art pop, chamber pop, chillwave, dream pop

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Eb, Ab6, Fm9, Bb, Ab, Fm
On The Sea - Beach House

Eb                     Ab6      Fm9                             Bb
Out on the sea we’d be forgiven - Our bodies stopped the spirit living
Ab                        Fm                          Bb
Wouldn’t you like to know - how far you’ve got left to go

Eb                          Ab6            Fm9                             Bb
Somebody’s child nobody made you - It’s not what you stole it's what they gave you
Ab               Fm                     Bb
In or out you go - In your silence your soul

Eb                    Ab6       Fm9                             Bb
Would you rather go unwilling - Your heart is full and now it's spilling
Ab6                      Fm               Bb
Barreling down the steps - Only a moment left

     Eb             Ab6                  Fm9            Bb
In hind of sight no peace of mind - Where you begin and I’m defined
Ab6               Fm           Bb
Daughter of unconscious fate - Time will tell in spite of me

    Eb              Ab6                  Fm9            Bb
In hind of sight no peace of mind - Where it begins and we're defined
Ab                Fm            Bb
Shadows bend and suddenly - The world becomes and swallows me 


Eb           Ab6      Fm9             Bb
Whistle to a friend - gentle till the end 
Ab               Fm                       Bb
Anyway in a name she takes shape just the same

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