Beach House - Majorette Guitar Chords

Beach House

art pop, chamber pop, chillwave, dream pop

Chords: D, A, E, G, E/G#, C#, Bm
D A E G[x4]

D A   E  G       E      G  E  G 
Imitation red carnation
D  A       E  G    E      E/G#  A   C#  D  A  Bm
Nothing is new and either are   you
      D       G             A  D  
It's what you say you don't do
G        E       G      
  Bottom of your well,
E       G         E    G
 That's where you fell

{D A E G} x 4

D  A  E  G             E           G  E  G
Majorette like there's nothing left
             D       A       E    G
If there was nothing left to lose
           E        E/G#     A    C#  D  A  Bm
Then you'd have something to prove
        D     G              A  D  
And you would never tip your hat
G        E       G      
  Has it come to that
E         G         E    G
  Watch it spin like that

{D A E G until the end}

Watch you spin like that...

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