Beach House - Irene Guitar Chords

Beach House

art pop, chamber pop, chillwave, dream pop

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: D, B, C#, G, A
Organ chords:
D, B, C# x4

D          G       A
Though you hardly know her
D          G       A
The lights on its way
D             G     A
The hand that rests upon it
D     G     A
Still wanna stay

D         G    A
No way of recognizing
    D     G       A
The cat knows the call
D    G        A
Fair child is rising
D          G          A 
There's no mystery at all

D        G       A
  It's a strange paradise
You'll be waiting

break chord --- D

D        G       A
  It's a strange paradise

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