Bates - Witches Guitar Chords


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Song versions: 1 2
Chords: A, E, G, D, D4
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Subject: b/bates/witches.crd

Band:                   The Bates
Song:                   Witches
Album:                  Shake + Unfucked(live)
Tab and Chords from:    Sundawn99[n1] (Lenny"whatcha doin in your spare time,man?"Nacke)

Sorry girls, I just had to tab this one, since it's pretty easy and just a good sing along. If you're a 
just change the lyrics a bit:) Comments and corrections are welcome. Chordchart is below. It's pretty easy though.

Intro (with acoustic/electric and really slow rhythmlisten to CD):
A  -  E  -  G  -  D -(D4)- D

A            E              G              D
When I was a little boy, my father said to me:
A             E                 G           D
Every girl is beautiful, if you only try to see.
A               E              G            D
I'm a few years older now, not poor and not rich,
A                       E
But there's one thing I know for sure:
      G           D---------------> A
Every girl, every girl is a witch.

(hint for D4=just hammer with your pinkie)
   A    G    D4   E    D

This one's dedicated to Emilee, cuz she stood me up for so long. Don't you think so, Jesse? Okay, all you 
girls out there, please don't take this one too serious-)
If you have any punksong, that's not on OLGA or maybe not the way you think it is played, just e-mail it 
me.Millencolin and No Fun at all songs are especially appreciated.
Gimme some feedback, K ??
-Lenny"Isn't that the guy with the Bates stuff??" at

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