Bates - A Real Cool Time Guitar Chords


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Chords: A, E, D, D4, F#
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Subject: b/bates/a_real_cool_time.crd

Band:                   The Bates
Song:                   A REAL COOL TIME
Album:                  pleasure + pain
Tab and Chords from:    Sundawn99[n1] (Lenny"hoer doch mal 'nen Bates Song raus"Nacke)

Hi again, punk guys! At first I doubted that my stuff would appreciated by many of you, but now I'll send 
more cool p/r songs by my german punk faves. This song's for all the people in love out there. Cool to 
on camp fires or just whenever you want to serenade someone. Comments and corrections are welcome. Chordchart is below. Go huggin'

Intro (with acoustic and slow folk rhythmlisten to CD):    A  -  E  -  D  -  E

Verse 1:
A                         E
Strawberry chambermaid in summertime I feel so fine
D                             E
Obnoxious things and all that stuff are really out

Verse 2:
A                               E
I'd like to know where you have gone
                          D                               E
Now that we all have such fun, we got big beat we got big kiss
           E - D - E
It's a bliss

CHORUS(same rhythm,later 2nd guitar adds distortion,listen to CD):
A       E         D      D4 - D
Feels like I'm in heaven
A      E      D   D4 - D
Oh, I feel so fine
A  E             D
If you were only here my friend
A         E                D               E
You would have a real cool time ... a real cool time

SOLO(2nd guitar with lots of distortion):
(Chords during solo: A - E - D - E)

Verse 3:
A                        E
Special volcano that you are
                          D                                     E
Why did you have to go so far, I'm sure you'd like it just like this

-Now repeat Verse2 and the Chorus

Then--> Bridge(all power chords and mighty distortion):
F#                      D - E
I wonder why you're gone
F#                            D - E
You left so many things undone
F#                           D - E
You forgot to kick some asses, yeah
F#                          D - E - A
You forgot to kick some asses

-Repeat Chorus 3 times (with some changes in the last one)

Outro/last chorus:
A     E           D
Feels like I'm in heaven...(3 times)
A     E       D       E
Oh, I feel so fine my friend,
                           A (let ring)
You would have a real cool time

CHORD CHART(hint for D4=just hammer your pinkie on the e-string):

   A    F#   D4   E    D

That one's cool, isn't it? Solo's not too hard and rhythm's not too fast. A real punk love song. As 
if you put it up on a homepage, please credit me for it. I always enjoy feedback, requests and own stuff. So, if 
have any punksong, that's not in OLGA or maybe not the way you think it is played, just mail it to me. Some greetings now: Fichte"let's find out this Millencolin tune"Richter, Robert"OUT OF EGG"Sprickmann and 
renamed ill bred band and all North Idaho Punkrockers. See ya in the pit or in my backyard)
By the way Lenny wrote this, e-mail at:

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