Barry Manilow - Somewhere Down The Road Guitar Chords

Barry Manilow

adult standards, bubblegum pop, christmas, disco

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Am, Am7, A#, C, C/G, Cadd2, Csus4, C#aug, Dm, Em, E7/G#, F, Fm, F/A, G, G#
Somewhere Down the Road
Lyrics by Cynthia Weil
Melody by Tom Snow
Performed by Barry Manilow (1981)

   Am x02210    
  Am7 x02010    
   A# x13331
    C x32010
  C/G 332010
Cadd2 x32030
Csus4 x33010
C#aug x4322x
   Dm xx0231
   Em 022000
E7/G# 420100    
    F 133211
   Fm 133111  
  F/A x03211
    G 320003
   G# 466544


C  F  Em  Dm
C  F  Em  Dm  G

Verse 1:

C           Em
We had the right love
         F        Em
At the wrong time
Dm             C#aug
Guess I always knew inside
F           G             Csus4  C
I wouldn't have you for a long  time
       F/A           E7/G#
Those dreams of yours
                 Em           Am
Are shining on distant shores
                 F/A        Em
And if they're calling you away
            F                G
I have no right to make you stay


        Cadd2             C
(But) somewhere down the road
     F               Em
Our roads are gonna cross again
     Am             G
It doesn't really matter when
      Cadd2             C
But somewhere down the road
   F                  Em
I know that heart of yours
      F       G
Will come to see
      F  Em  Dm   G   C
That you be-long with me


F  Em  Dm  G

Verse 2:

C               Em
Sometimes good-byes 
             F   Em
Are not for-ever
     Dm           C#aug
It doesn't matter if    you're gone
F            G             Csus4  C
I still be-lieve in us to – ge - ther
     F/A    E7/G#    
I understand 
               Em        Am
More than you think I can
            F/A            Em
You have to go out on your own
            F                  G
So you can find your way back home

Repeat Chorus  (And…)


G#   A#  C      Dm          Am7
Let-ting go is just another way to say
     Fm  A#   G       C/G
I'll al-ways love you so


C           Em
We had the right love
At the wrong time 
Em           Dm            Em
Maybe we've only just begun
           F              G
Maybe the best is yet to come

Repeat Chorus  (‘Cause…)


F  Em  Dm  G  C

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