Barnaby Bright Guitar Chords

Barnaby Bright


Not easily defined, BB are an alt-Americana duo but with very contemporary influences that reflect their geographical journey from Brooklyn to Nashville to Kansas - with a little bit of London thrown in for good measure. Nathan and Becky Bliss (real names) create harmonies that only family can sing. Classically-trained, based in the mid-West, they’ve spent several years touring and crafting self-releases, garnering praise and a core following. Never published, labelled, PR’d, nor promoted via an agent or social media team, BB are raw in industry terms but a truly honed talent. And ready with a huge leap forward in the shape of their 2018 album.

The stunning new album has a tortuous provenance: BB made a great pop-country record with a name producer, raising the budget via Pledge Music. But then fell into a period of difficult soul-searching as they realised the sound “just wasn’t us.” Cut to 18 months later and they have lovingly restored their vision: culled songs, written new and vital tracks, reimagined some and re-recorded others from scratch. And now it most certainly sounds like who they are.

Guitar Chords:

Begging My Weakness
Castle Rock
Just The Same
Old Coats
Reverends Son